You want to upgrade your skills and learn the whispy look technique? It’s the hottest new look and you could charge so much more by having this look available

Some tips for beginners that you will surely learn so much. Whispy Lashes will eventually cater to so many clients and you’ll surely earn so much money.

It is very hard to master without the right training, you need to practice at least on 20-30 clients to start feeling comfortable with the look.

The 3 lash fans on the picture above show the various kinds of fans you can make for the whisps. I like to do the first 2 because they are still fluffy and they can actually look really good on the set.

The 3rd whispy lash fan I found disappears and blends in within volume sets. It would only look good on classic whispy set since it’s a really fine lash fan.

In classic sets, it can look good, but never in volume mega volume sets. It is because of the density of the lashes in the base will take over and the whisp will just disappear.

The materials I use for my whispy lashes are from ThousandLashes. Products from here help me create a gorgeous whispy effect look for my clients.

Want to know more information on how to achieve this look? I have prepared an online course for all you which you can learn anywhere and anytime you want.


It’s a great deal for the price of $499. Affordable yet packed with so many learnings. Not yet decided to take the course, well, here’s a FREE Ebook for you do download to have a glimpse of my online training.

Whispy Kylie lashes are here to stay. The trends are growing in popularity and clients love it. There is a lot of lash artist taking his look and making it their own.

They have been adding colors, experimenting with different lengths, longer or shorter than traditional Kylie whispy sets.

I will surely assure you that my online course is full-packed with details that you need. I think that’s amazingly incredible. Many lash artists are going out of their comfort zone to try something new.

Don’t be left behind, my dear lash sisters. Join the trend, end your 2019 right or start your 2020 on trying new and exciting journey.